Enter the Goober/ Trapping for MMA

About this Episode:


It’s Throat Punch Thursday! It’s Kristen DeBruycker here.


In this week’s episode, we enter the goober. You know that guy…neck beard, rat tail, tube socks, and spends way to much time on trapping in front of a wooden dummy.


Oh, wait that’s me…never mind. Except I spar. And I don’t have a neckbeard or rat-tail…but I do like trapping a lot.


But seriously though there are many practical applications of trapping. Today we talk about how to use trapping for ground and pound. If you have your opponent trapped in mount they can’t get away. Then you can use JKD trapping techniques in an MMA situation. Removing the obstructions in order to utilize your ground and pound. So we not saying that trapping in not useful we are just saying that you should spar it.


Because remember, in theory… theory and practice are the same.

The Inspiration for the Episode:


When I started training MMA twelve years ago my favorite part was always sparring. Whether it was striking, grappling, or MMA sparring it was always the thing that I looked the most forward to.


But when I would run into other people who trained martial arts and they found out that I did MMA they would almost look down on me. “Well, you just train sports fighting. I do self-defense.”


When I would ask if they spar they would tell me that they couldn’t spar…because they would kill someone if they did. Then how do you know if it works…?


Oh, well…some goobers can’t be helped.


This episode was inspired by every single one of those “self-defense guys” that never spars, never works out, and is way too esoteric about their martial arts training. I’m here to show that you can train JKD and MMA and that you can spar and be both a self-defense and sports fighter.



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