Why Throat Punch Thursday?

How it all began

Throat Punch Thursday originated as a quick joke while Kristen was teaching one day. But it was enough to get her thinking. She wanted to share her love of martial arts beyond the gym walls.

She started thinking about doing some instructional videos. Many instructional videos are low-quality and really boring. She didn't want more of the same so she approached Ben about shooting and editing a weekly video.

She then approached Paul, who also has extensive martial arts experience, to be her co-star. The original plan was just to show a sequence of moves involving a throat punch and do some instruction on how to use the sequence of moves.

Ben thought it would be fun to do an action scene prior to the instruction, and thus Throat Punch Thursday was born!

What Is Throat Punch Thursday?

Education with a Twist

We wanted to address the all too common problem of low-quality instructional videos. Often the information is good, but it takes too long to get the information, the video is usually sub-par, and the audio is often worse.

The goal was to improve on all of these points. Throat Punch Thursday is light hearted. The techniques are legitimate, but you don't have to be a martial artist to enjoy the episodes. All of our videos are designed to be family friendly so that kids can enjoy them as well.

Our whole crew has martial arts experience. This makes it much easier to capture all the action and instruction in a way that you can benefit. We also try to give you want you want.

Throat Punch Thursday is a community. Don't be shy about things you'd like to see! We're always looking for new, fun ideas for our episodes.