About The Virginia Broom Massacre - Part 2

What makes Texas Chainsaw Massacre so terrifying? It’s when Sally is about to get away from Leather Face and she thinks she’s safe. Little does she know that the gas station attendant is part of Leather Face’s family! We wanted to recreate that moment the way we thought it would really have gone down.

In part 2 of our October Halloween Special, just when you think Kristen Debruycker is about to get away, you realize everyone is out to get her. But not to worry, nothing is too much for Kristen to handle, not even…a broom. I know it seems like a silly weapon but you can never be too prepared. So today we are teaching broom defense and asymmetrical weapons sparring. That way you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a Virginia Broom Massacre.

Inspiration For Virginia Broom Massacre - Part 2

Sally has just seen her brother attacked by Leather Face. She runs through the Texas brush to try and get away from Leather Face, chainsaw in hand. She finally makes it back to the gas station where the attendant is. Sally asks for help and if there is a phone (of course there isn’t one, it’s the 70s).

Then there is this moment of dread in Sally’s face when the attendant grabs and a sack and rope to put her in the car. She grabs a knife that she sees to keep him away. You know what he grabs…? A broom! I’m not even kidding. He doesn’t even really hit her with it. It looks more like he is trying to get raccoons off of his porch. And what does Sally do? Drops the knife as soon as he hits her once with the broom. Really?!

Technique For The Virginia Broom Massacre - Part 2

To make sure no one gets attacked with a broom in a terrible cliche again, we decided to teach the importance of keeping hold of your weapon. Because honestly if you have a knife and your opponent has a…broom, shouldn’t you win?

What you want to do is stay on the outside, parrying the broom until you have the opportunity to grab the weapon and cut your opponent’s hand, “defanging the snake” or de-brooming.

Then Sally could have gotten away much sooner in the film, but then the movie wouldn’t have been a full 90 minutes.