About The Virginia Broom Massacre - Part 1

After Kristen’s injury two months ago we are all happy to be back at Throat Punch Thursday with our most ambitious episode yet! It’s October and since we had so much fun surviving horror film’s greatest slashers last year, we thought that we would do it again this year with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But since this is Kristen’s favorite horror film from the 70s we wanted to do it justice and bring it to you in a three-part series we are calling the Virginia Broom Massacre. Terrifying right? Well…maybe. It will all make sense by Halloween, don’t you worry. Just remember Virginia is for lovers…and throat punchers!

Inspiration For The Virginia Broom Massacre - Part 1

When you think classic 1970s slasher flicks you think Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It has inspired other movies, entire franchises, and now Throat Punch Thursday. The movie makes you feel uncomfortable the moment the teenagers pick up the hitchhiker on the side of the road and you stay uneasy until the credits roll.

You know what’s the best part? The movie isn’t graphically violent but you remember it being violent because the director makes your mind fills in the gaps. One of the best examples of this is the meat hook scene. You see the girl’s back while she sits on the swing, then when Leather Face finally picks her up you see her back until the very moment he puts her on the meat hook as she screams. But you never see her actually being put on the meat hook. Then she continues to scream as Leather face butchers the other guy with a chainsaw.

Terrifying right? Yeah…actually. If only she knew Jiu-Jitsu. Then all of this could have been avoided. That’s why we thought this episode needed to be made. So no one will ever get put on a meat hook by Leather Face ever again.

Technique For The Virginia Broom Massacre - Part 1

Some of Kristen’s favorite techniques to teach are standing Jiu-Jitsu self-defense. They’re a great example of how to use leverage, they show Jiu Jitsu works, and they’re super practical. And also because getting attacked by deranged, large, cannibals is super common these days.

The technique we chose to teach is the front bear hug under the arms escape when the opponent picks you up. Sounds like a mouthful but it is actually pretty simple. When the opponent or “Leather Face” goes to pick you up and put you on a meat hook you push his chin up disrupting his spine. Now that you put him in a weak position, he has to drop you. Feel free to throat punch, run away, and survive until the sequel!